When it comes to quality, we know there are no compromises. We work with highly skilled technicians from around the world that are dedicated to innovate, discover and implement new technology and techniques to deliver cutting-edge designs that fuse superior craftsmanship with the highest quality materials.

As soon as a frame leaves the production floor, it goes through a series of extensive testing and meticulous checks by quality control to ensure that each style meets the highest level of standards before it leaves the factory. Once the frame arrives in our local warehouse, it undergoes a second round of review by our talented team of quality control experts before being shipped out and delivered to your doorstep.

We stand behind our products and we hope you love them as much as we do!


The limited warranty covers frames against manufacturer defects for two years after the original date of purchase. This does not cover any damage as a result of mishandling, significant wear and tear, accident, unauthorized repair or alteration.


  1. Irregular or chipped finish
  2. Premature flaking or deterioration of frame coating
  3. Missing stones
  4. Faulty hinge
  5. Soldering imperfection


  1. Scratches or pit marks
  2. Warped or broken temples
  3. Stripped screws
  4. Damage caused by chemicals (window cleaner, alcohol, hair spray, cologne, etc.)
  5. Any loss or damage to lenses

All warranty claims are subject to a case by case evaluation and if deemed defective, will be eligible for an exchange.


Returns to De Rigo REM will qualify for an exchange if they meet all criteria stated within this policy with the exception of closeout inventory which is final sale only.

  1. Any current ophthalmic frame or sunglass returned to De Rigo REM must be in its original and resalable condition. In order to qualify, all merchandise must:
    1. Be received in good condition and include its original packaging such as demonstration lenses, polybag and correct eyeglass case. If the supplied case is missing, damaged or incorrect, a charge per missing case will be applied.

  2. ALL returned items must be accompanied with a completed Request for Authorization Form as well as a valid Return Authorization (RA) number.
    1. An RA form and number can only be obtained from the account’s authorized business consultant and will be valid for 30 days from the issue date.
    2. The number of units listed on the RA form must match the actual number of frames received in the package.
    3. The RA number must be clearly marked on the outside of the box, otherwise it will be refused upon delivery.

  3. De Rigo REM is not responsible for any lost or damaged packages therefore, we recommend that you use a traceable delivery method such as UPS, DHL or Fed Ex. Please ship packages to:

  4. De Rigo REM
    Attn: Quality Care
    10941 La Tuna Canyon Road
    Sun Valley, CA 91352

  5. A comprehensive check will be done by quality control on each frame and are subject to various points of inspection to determine if they meet De Rigo REM’s limited warranty policy.

  6. De Rigo REM reserves the right to refuse returns that do not comply with the limited warranty & exchange policy as stated above.

    For any questions regarding our policy, please contact your authorized business consultant.

Kids Promise Brochure

The Kids Promise

The Kid’s Promise” is a unique and wonderful program that provides your youngest customers 100% unconditional protection against loss and breakage on all Kid’s frames for one year after purchase. Each Fila Kid’s or Lucky Kid frame order will include a Kid’s Promise Membership Card. This card should be given to your patient with the purchase of any Fila Kid’s or Lucky Kid frame. Enclosed you will find a complete overview of the program and an explanation of how it works. Should you have any questions, please call your account executive or customer service.

Being A Good Citizen

Sometimes being a good citizen is the most important thing we can do. It’s in that spirit that De Rigo Rem is introducing “The Kid’s Promise” – a program that covers your patients against loss or breakage - unconditionally – for one year after purchase of new kid’s frames from the Fila and Lucky Kid lines. Realizing that these are tough times – especially for families managing expenses for kids and medical care – we have created a simple and unprecedented program that will benefit everybody - you, the Eye Care Professional and your patients. When your patient buys Fila Kid’s or Lucky Kid eyewear, you will be able to offer complete protection against loss or breakage for one year. Up to one year from the date of purchase, your patient will be able to come back to you and receive a replacement frame if their frame is lost or broken.

  • A Small Market with Big Benefits:
    • This program allows easy entry into quality eyewear for kids and parents..
    • The scope of this program allows you to create a partnership between your patients and your practice.
    • The Kid’s Promise provides complete security for parents making this eyewear investment for their kids… if anything happens they know they’ll be taken care of.

Program Overview

  1. “The Kid’s Promise” Patient Membership Card: We will give you a set of “The Kid’s Promise” Membership Cards for each Kid’s frame purchased.

When your patient buys a Fila Kid’s or Lucky Kid frame you will give them The Kid’s Promise Membership Card that includes instructions on how to use the plan.

  1. Kid’s frames can be found on our website (www.derigo.us) under the kids optical section.
  2. What to do when your patient comes in with a broken frame: To redeem “The Kid’s Promise” Card for a new frame you will need to take the following simple steps:
    • Collect “The Kid’s Promise” Card from your patient and the proof of purchase – an original receipt.
    • Collect the $15.00 shipping and handling fee. This is explained on “The Kid’s Promise” Membership Card and only needs to be paid when they redeem the card for the new frame. There is no charge to the patient for this coverage unless they need to use it.
    • Place the replacement order with De Rigo Rem so that we may expedite the service for your patient.
    • Please mail the Card and proof of purchase receipt to De Rigo Rem Attn: “The Kid’s Promise”. This will ensure that the fee for the replacement frame is waived.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s covered? All loss and breakage of the Kid’s frame will be covered. This plan will replace the frame whether it is broken or lost. The plan does not cover lenses.

If the frame is not available, your patient can pick out another frame from any of the branded kid’s collections offered by De Rigo Rem.

  1. What do my patients get? At the time of purchase your patient will receive “The Kid’s Promise” Membership Card. All of the instructions to use the service are explained on the Membership Card.

IMPORTANT: You should inform your patient that they will need the original proof of purchase (receipt) and the card with them to obtain their new frame.

  1. I need to do anything at the time of purchase? Be sure that:
    • Your patients understand that they can come back to you if their frames are lost or broken and get new frames, within the first year.
    • They know that they’ll need “The Kid’s Promise” Card and original proof of purchase.
  2. What do I do if a patient comes in who didn’t buy their frames from me? This is a program that is intended to help you build your practice, to get your patient to return to you. In the event someone has moved into your area and has purchased a Kid’s frame in the last year and has all their paper work you can honor the card.
  3. Does this cost anybody anything? There is a $15.00 shipping and handling charge that will be paid by the patient when they use the plan. This is clearly explained on the card that the patient receives, but this is something that you should also mention to them.
  4. Does this program cover lenses? “The Kid’s Promise” covers branded De Rigo Rem Kid’s frame against loss or damage and does not cover the lenses.
  5. What happens if the same patient loses their frames twice in the same year? This plan will cover the replacement. There will be a $15.00 fee for each redemption.
  6. How long will this plan be in force? This is not a promotion. It is an ongoing commitment.
    • Don’t forget to write “Attn: Kid’s Promise” on the envelope when you send the cards back.